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My blog's 10th anniversary

Today it is ten years since the first post on this blog was published. This blog superseded an email bulletin that I maintained for seven years beforehand.

I am not the best blogger ever. I write much less frequently than I planned and wanted. Writing takes time that I do not always have; but more importantly, I try not to write unless I have something unique to say, and by doing this I feel I differentiate this blog from hundreds of others.

I do not keep my readers up to date on the latest exploits, and I never bother to announce that “Microsoft patched 40 bugs this Tuesday". There are literally hundreds of outlets that broadcast this type of information, which I must admit I don’t even find a bit interesting. I also do not fill a quota of featured articles that cover topics based on public information. Such articles are valuable, and I consume a lot of them, but those can be found elsewhere and usually take a full-timer to write; so this again is not for me.

I try to kick in when I have something unique to say; something that is seldom said, or never said at all. As a result, what you read on this blog is unlikely to be written anywhere else (unless quoted). I am never trying to be controversial for the sake of controversy, but sticking to the professional truth, which is what I strive to do, results in posts that are categorized also as “Counter-media“.

Finally, while this blog is a personal one, I will never oppose good essays written by guest authors. I still do not have any, but one day in the upcoming decade I hopefully will.

Enjoy reading.


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