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Using AI for improving the future of the Web

I found myself inspired to think of where should the World Wide Web go in utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

I would like to tackle this from the information security front. Like many security people who grow up, I also start seeing security as a problem that goes beyond technology. I’m not referring now to non-technical solutions to solve technical security problems (like user awareness training), but the other way around: the non-technical security risks to people and societies that may call for technical solutions.

The first decade or two of the Web was devoted to making this information highway faster, more accessible, and support advanced information provisioning use-cases (audio, video, interaction, etc.) The following decade or two were devoted also to increasing the amount and diversity of that information and its sources, with Web 2.0 and user-generated content replacing the traditional waterfall model. The upcoming years should, in my opinion, be dedicated to improving the Web in areas that emerged as challenges by our successes of the first 30 years.

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