Discretix Technologies is now part of ARM


Discretix Technologies is now part of ARM

  13:52, by Hagai Bar-El   , 144 words
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Discretix Technologies, a.k.a., Sansa Security, was acquired by ARM, as was now announced. I have been working with Discretix since its day of establishment, 15 years ago. I have been serving as its CTO and as the head of its CTO Office since January 2012.

Discretix is a pure-play security provider in the embedded domain. Over the years it has migrated from producing hardware-only crypto solutions to producing hardware and software solutions for content protection, to providing a client-server solution for provisioning, and finally to launching a provisioning service and operation. Sticking with this company throughout those changes easily counts as one of the most special experiences in my career.

I am confident that the technology and know-how that Discretix accumulated over the years, in its CTO Office and otherwise, will blend well into ARM and will promote its capabilities in the mobile and IoT spaces.

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