About Hagai Bar-El

Hagai Bar-El is an information security architect with 20 years of experience in security engineering.

Hagai Bar-El serves as the Senior Director of Security for the ISG Division of ARM. He joined ARM following its acquisition of Sansa Security (formerly known as Discretix Technologies), where he served as a CTO. Hagai Bar-El had worked with Sansa Security since its day of establishment, and has been managing processes of system security definition, innovation and intellectual property protection, and security review.

Hagai Bar-El is a registered and acting independent expert for the H2020 research funding program of the European Commission. Under this capacity, he evaluates research project proposals, as well as monitors the progress of active projects that enjoy FP7 and H2020 funding; all in fields of information security.

As a seasoned security architect, Hagai Bar-El has been involved in security engineering projects for the public and private sectors in the fields of finance, content and IP TV, telecom, automotive, industrial systems, and more. He has been granted several patents in the US and in other nations, pertaining to innovative security technologies.

Hagai Bar-El is active in the information security community. He is engaged with world-class professionals from both the industry and the academia, and consults to architects, strategists, and venture capitalists, both under contracts and free of charge. He also maintains his personal blog, Hagai Bar-El on Security.

 For more information, see Hagai Bar-El's CV.

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