My new patent on secure key provisioning


My new patent on secure key provisioning

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 151 words
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I recently got a US patent application granted by the Patent and Trademark Office. The patent bears the title “Methods Circuits Devices and Systems for Provisioning of Cryptographic Data to One or More Electronic Devices“.

From the abstract (redacted):

Disclosed are methods […] for provisioning cryptographic material to a target device. […] [A] cryptographic material provisioning (CMP) module may be adapted to process a provisioning message with a first message portion which is encrypted with a native key of the target device and which includes first cryptographic material along with a first permissions data vector, wherein the CMP may be further adapted to process data bits of a second portion of the provisioning message using the first cryptographic material and in accordance with usage limitations defined in the first permissions data vector.

This is the first technology I devised to address the need for secure key provisioning that supports the concept of delegation.


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