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GSA Executive Forum

  16:18, by Hagai Bar-El   , 44 words
Categories: Personal News, Sources
I will be speaking at the GSA Israel Executive Forum on October 14,2015. The keynote I will deliver is titled: "Security: the Key Challenge to IoT Adoption". more »


Discretix Technologies is now part of ARM

  13:52, by Hagai Bar-El   , 144 words
Categories: Personal News
Discretix Technologies, a.k.a., Sansa Security, was acquired by ARM, as was now announced. I have been working with Discretix since its day of establishment, 15 years ago. I have been serving as its CTO and as the head of its CTO Office since January… more »


CyberDay lecture on IoT security challenges

  13:03, by Hagai Bar-El   , 41 words
Categories: Personal News, Cyber Security
Today I attended CyberDay 2015, where I delivered a lecture titled "Challenges in Securing IoT". more »


ARM Taiwan Security Seminar

  05:06, by Hagai Bar-El   , 205 words
Categories: Personal News
I will be speaking in the ARM Security Seminar in Taipei, Taiwan. The title of the talk is "Future proofing your security architecture". Following is the talk abstract: more »


My blog's 10th anniversary

  06:35, by Hagai Bar-El   , 287 words
Categories: Personal News
Today it is ten years since the first post on this blog was published. This blog superseded an email bulletin that I maintained for seven years beforehand. I am not the best blogger ever. I write much less frequently than I planned and wanted. Writing… more »


Data about you is never thrown away

  11:01, by Hagai Bar-El   , 114 words
Categories: Personal News, Security Policies
I was quoted by The Enquirer saying that we shall all assume that data (from wearables and otherwise) that is collected by service providers will never be deleted. The data collected by wearables is only as protected as the network that holds it – and… more »


The ease of hacking surveillance cams

  20:43, by Hagai Bar-El   , 30 words
Categories: Personal News, Security Engineering
An article and interview with me by Byron Acohido of ThirdCertainty about why surveillance cams are trivial to hack. The discussion also moves towards IoT in general. more »

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