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The Hagai Bar-El on Security blog is dedicated to security engineering. The topics range from security engineering practices and security innovation to national security policy and book reviews. Naturally, these are the areas in which I work and operate. The blog is designed to be useful, or at least interesting, to the security practitioner.

One interesting theme of this blog is an occasional "debate" with traditional security media. In cases where it is believed that the traditional media is biased towards a specific angle (most often toward disseminating FUD), this blog attempts to humbly present the other angle, so the reader can be truly informed. Such posts are assigned, in addition to their domain category, also to the category named Counter-Media.

The posts may vary in their topics, but there are a few guidelines that are eternally kept.

  • All posts express professional, unbiased, views.
  • There are no ads and no sponsorships, neither visible nor hidden.
  • Emphasizing the above, the blog does not form any source of revenue whatsoever.
  • The blog does not disclose information that is not already public.
  • All opinions expressed by an author are his/her own. Specifically, all opinions presented by Hagai Bar-El are his own, and do not represent those of his employer.
  • Respecting the time of the reader, all comments are moderated and are published only if they add substance.
  • Bad language is strictly eliminated, in posts as well as in published comments.

This is my personal blog, and so I am its primary author. That said, I will never refuse an original post by a good professional guest author, as long as the post fits the topics that are addressed, and fits the spirit of the blog.

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