Job: Senior Information Security Architect, in Israel


Job: Senior Information Security Architect, in Israel

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I have an opening for a Senior Information Security Architect position for the IoT Security Group of the Israeli office of ARM, in Kfar-Netter. Please write me through the contact form or by e-mail if you would like to apply.

The ISG Security Group is responsible for the secure design and implementation of security features of various products across ARM, with special focus on ARM's IoT (Internet of Things) products and services. As a member of the ISG Security Group, the candidate will carry out the following roles and responsibilities.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Take part in all phases of Secure Development Life-cycle (SDL), including: secure design review, security requirements definition, and audits.
  • Explore and analyze the state of the art in both IoT and embedded security, on an ongoing basis.
    • Constantly explore the IoT Security and Embedded Security landscapes.
    • Carry out research into emerging technologies.
    • Produce security advisories, when needed.
  • Work in conjunction with both Product and Engineering teams, across ARM.
  • Take part in innovation and intellectual property processes, in the field of Security.

Qualifications and experience

  • Computer science or electrical engineering background (academic, relevant military experience, past employment in the security industry, etc.)
  • Significant information security engineering experience.
  • Autonomous research capabilities, and ability to autonomously analyze technical materials.
  • Proficiency in writing in English (comparable to that of a technical writer).
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • M.Sc. or PhD, desired.

  (I remove job postings as positions are filled, so as long as you see this post — the position is still open.)



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