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  22:08, by Hagai Bar-El   , 60 words
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This category contains posts that endorse or discuss particular security-related events, such as conferences and exhibitions.

Be warned that I am far from a compulsive conference attender. The events I become aware of, and bother to attend and write about, are few and far between, so you should probably not use this category as your primary source of event advice.


CyberTech 2014

  21:10, by Hagai Bar-El   , 438 words
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I attended CyberTech 2014 on January 27th-28th. CyberTech is a respectable conference for technologies related to cyber-security. The conference consisted of lectures and an exhibition. The lectures were most given by top notch speakers from the security space, both from the public sector and from the private sector; most being highly ranked executives. The exhibition sported companies ranging from the largest conglomerates as IBM and Microsoft, to garage start-ups.

I am easy to disappoint by cyber-security conferences. Simply put, there are more cyber-security conferences than what the security industry really has to say. This implies that for the security architect or practitioner, most cyber-security conferences lack sufficient substance. I take CyberTech 2014 with mixed emotions too. The exhibition showed interesting ideas, especially by start-ups, while the lectures left more to wish for.

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