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About the Security Policies category

  23:04, by Hagai Bar-El   , 40 words
Categories: Security Policies

This category contains articles that discuss security policy issues, both at the corporate level and at the national and international levels. This domain contains security guidelines and procedures, as well as national policy considerations addressing national security, privacy, and more.

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Making Standardization Committees Build More Secure Products

  21:58, by Hagai Bar-El   , 976 words
Categories: Security Policies
Lately I have been occupied once again with the specification of a security system as part of a standards committee. The identity of this standards body really does not matter. What does matter is that the process, just like its outcome, never improved.… more »


Survey About DRM Acceptance

  21:54, by Hagai Bar-El   , 384 words
Categories: Security Policies
About a month late I got to see this news item about a survey that results in a conclusion that people are finally getting used to DRM. Among other things, it says that: The overall messages from these studies are: higher-priced DRM-free downloads… more »


Countermeasures That Can't Be Modeled

  21:53, by Hagai Bar-El   , 800 words
Categories: Security Policies
A couple of nights ago I drove back from some family event and got pulled over by a cop. Okay, I agree that this for itself is not worth a blog post. The cop asked me to open the window, he looked at me, asked me where I come from and where I am going… more »


DHS wants DNSSEC keys -- so what?

  21:43, by Hagai Bar-El   , 369 words
Categories: Security Policies
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to have the root master keys of DNSSEC. This will allow them to fake DNS responses at will. Read all about it at: Homeland Security grabs for net's master keys Department of Homeland and Security wants… more »


Is more security always better?

  21:41, by Hagai Bar-El   , 932 words
Categories: Security Policies
This depends on who you ask. Some people think that the more secure a system is, the better; with no exceptions. This school of thought is often attributed to product vendors. This approach helps them believe (and thus convince) that their product is a… more »


Today's Credit Card Fraud Prevention -- Throwing The Baby With The Bathwater?

  21:24, by Hagai Bar-El   , 596 words
Categories: Security Policies
E-commerce and credit cards in particular are always considered to have succeeded in overcoming the big problem of fraud. All too often when a new security mechanism is presented to combat credit card fraud its opponents claim that fraud in credit card… more »

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