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  By Hagai Bar-El   , 161 words
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One of the objectives of this blog is to put security related facts and events in the correct perspective.  This is primarily needed in cases where the traditional media has its own objective of either blowing news out of proportion, or even just adding its own bias. The security media, often sponsored by advertisers or vendors, has an occasional tendency of disseminating FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) more than absolutely necessary.

Without arguing who is right, many of the posts in this blog bring forward the other side of the argument. They show a different perspective than that shown by other sources. The goal is never controversy in its own right; it is to make the reader truly informed, by showing the angle that is out of the spotlight.

The counter-media category consists of such posts that present perspectives, insights, and opinions, that may differ substantially from those typically presented by the media, and by that provide food for independent thought.


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The iPhone Hack -- Security Done Wrong or Security Done Right?

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 552 words
Categories: Security Engineering, Counter-media

A while ago the iPhone was hacked so to make it usable on networks other than AT&T’s.

Since that moment, many opinions were sounded on how Apple could have done their security better and how the hack could have been eliminated. Moreover, some of the industries security experts went on to their desks to work out a stronger mechanism that can save the gigantic firm from such embarrassments in the future.

An obvious question comes up: couldn’t Apple, with its $167 billion market cap, afford to pay some good security designers to protect its assets on the iPhone?

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