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About the Analysis category

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 56 words
Categories: Security Analysis

The Analysis category contains articles that discuss security analysis of requirements and/or solutions. This category is further divided into sub-categories that address traditional Cybersecurity (critical infrastructure and homeland security), IT Security (deployment of IT security tools and operations), Security Engineering, Policy, and more.

The overall Analysis category is probably where most posts of this blog belong.

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Open Source Disk Encryption

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 163 words
Categories: IT Security, Products

About two months ago I was delighted to see the new version of what I consider to be the first open source drive encryption program for Win32. It’s name is TrueCrypt, and it provides functionality that resembles that of DriveCrypt from SecurStar.

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Worms Using Search Engines

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 357 words
Categories: IT Security

Check out this news item:

Latest Mydoom shows hackers using search engines for attacks

It’s about Internet based worms making use of search engines to spread out. In the examples presented the worms search Google, Lycos, etc., for e-mail addresses and for vulnerable machines to hop to using specially-crafted search strings.

I was not aware of this trend of worms before so I agree it’s new. Yet, I don’t agree with any fear associated with this new brand of worms. These worms are somewhat novel in their approach. Yet, I think this approach is better for us (the good guys) rather than worse.

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