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  03:20, by Hagai Bar-El   , 48 words
Categories: Analysis

The Analysis category contains articles that discuss security analysis of requirements and analysis of solutions. This category is further divided into sub-categories that address cybersecurity (critical infrastructure and homeland security), IT security (deployment of IT security tools and operations), security engineering (the development of security tools), and policy.

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File Wiping and Disk-on-Key

  21:57, by Hagai Bar-El   , 522 words
Categories: Security Engineering
Most vendors selling security software that deals with removable devices or with flash storage mediums such as Disk-On-Key (DoK) provide the functionality of file wiping (often called shredding) from the removable medium. This feature allows the user to… more »


Survey About DRM Acceptance

  21:54, by Hagai Bar-El   , 384 words
Categories: Security Policies
About a month late I got to see this news item about a survey that results in a conclusion that people are finally getting used to DRM. Among other things, it says that: The overall messages from these studies are: higher-priced DRM-free downloads… more »


Countermeasures That Can't Be Modeled

  21:53, by Hagai Bar-El   , 800 words
Categories: Security Policies
A couple of nights ago I drove back from some family event and got pulled over by a cop. Okay, I agree that this for itself is not worth a blog post. The cop asked me to open the window, he looked at me, asked me where I come from and where I am going… more »


Rights Management Systems Versus "Simple" Data Encryption

  21:47, by Hagai Bar-El   , 156 words
Categories: Security Engineering
Here is a question that was raised in a discussion forum, along with my response to it. I figured it is interesting enough to post it here. Question: Why not just deploy a Enterprise Right Management solution instead of using various encryption tools to… more »


DHS wants DNSSEC keys -- so what?

  21:43, by Hagai Bar-El   , 369 words
Categories: Security Policies
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to have the root master keys of DNSSEC. This will allow them to fake DNS responses at will. Read all about it at: Homeland Security grabs for net's master keys Department of Homeland and Security wants… more »


Is more security always better?

  21:41, by Hagai Bar-El   , 932 words
Categories: Security Policies
This depends on who you ask. Some people think that the more secure a system is, the better; with no exceptions. This school of thought is often attributed to product vendors. This approach helps them believe (and thus convince) that their product is a… more »


PDAs in highly classified environments

  21:40, by Hagai Bar-El   , 820 words
Categories: IT Security
For a while IT security professionals are warning against the impacts of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) on corporate security. A PDA can be lost or stolen and lead to undesired disclosure of the information that is on it. The emerging of… more »

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