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Blockchains: useful or not?

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 976 words
Categories: Security Engineering, Counter-media
One of the biggest technological controversies of the decade are blockchains. There is no debate on how brilliant the technology is. It is very clever, if not genius. The only debate is on how useful it really is. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin are a… more »


The effect of cloud services on our intimacy with IT

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 1775 words
Categories: IT Security, Security, Day-to-Day Security Advice
We've gone a long way towards trust in cloud services. One step is still missing: the warm and fuzzy feeling most of us (rightfully) don't feel when uploading personally-sensitive information. It's a small part of our data, but digital life requires full trust in computers, and we're just not there yet. more »

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