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The status of Truecrypt (2nd edition)

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 419 words
Categories: IT Security
It has been a while since Truecrypt was discontinued. While it still works on most platforms, including new Windows machines (except for the full-disk-encryption on some of them), and while there is still no evidence to indicate that it is insecure, users of Truecrypt find the situation bothersome; and for a good reason. By now it seems obvious than an alternative has to be found. more »


Valuable pieces of personal information and how to protect them

  By , 1268 words
Categories: Day-to-Day Security Advice
Hackers and legitimate companies share one thing in common: both want your personal information. Though the exact method of collection and type of information will vary, the results can often be the same. Loss of privacy and the compromise of your personal safety can all ensue when your data falls into the wrong hands. But what information are they after? From your hair color to your bank account number, there‚Äôs a lot of stuff to learn about you. By knowing exactly what data to protect, you can better prevent breaches of your personal security. In addition, having the right tools on hand to protect your information will make your life a lot simpler. more »

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