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The TSA Does Not Get It Completely Wrong

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 537 words
Categories: Security Policies, Counter-media
Many homeland security experts preach against the approach to airport security taken by the TSA. The TSA's mitigation efforts focus primarily on specific tactics that terrorists may use, rather than on more generalized, more effective, measures, such as… more »


An Interview on Secure Content Distribution

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 1148 words
Categories: Security Engineering
I was interviewed (by e-mail) for a project that preferred to remain undisclosed, on the future of secure content distribution. Enclosed are the (slightly modified) questions and answers. more »

The iPhone Hack -- Security Done Wrong or Security Done Right?

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 552 words
Categories: Security Engineering, Counter-media
A while ago the iPhone was hacked so to make it usable on networks other than AT&T's. Since that moment, many opinions were sounded on how Apple could have done their security better and how the hack could have been eliminated. Moreover, some of… more »


Airport Security: Israel vs. the United States

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 381 words
Categories: Security Policies
Last July, an interesting post appeared in Bruce Schneier's blog. It's called: Airport Security: Israel vs. the United States. It discusses the difference between airport security in Israel and in the U.S. The post quotes evidence showing that the… more »


Last Major Label Plans to Ditch DRM Restrictions

  By Hagai Bar-El   , 240 words
Categories: Security Policies
No one who follows on DRM news could have missed this: Report: RIP DRM, as Last Major Label Plans to Ditch Restrictions: In a move certain to rock the distribution of digital music, Sony BMG is in the midst of finalizing plans to begin offering at least… more »


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